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Infamous Wars
Web Dev

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Posted: 06/09/2017 15:45

Hello Everyone. Though i would introduce myself and my site. My name is Pete, I'm a self educated game coder and been doing that for about 17 years now. I had a game site years ago that was very popular but i lost the internet and the site went into disrepair. I got the internet back but never got the site back up due to the retirement of mysql. Last year due to some problems at home i became homeless. I said to myself, get back on my feet and bring my game back, so 5 months outside, i found a place, got the internet and decided to upload my last backup of my site and fix all the problems and rerelease. Now here i am today to ask you why not come join my site. Meet new people and have a good time playing. Please note free domain name is only temporary as i run out of money time i got to the domain, I will move onto a .com in the next 2 weeks. Thanks and i hope to see you soon!!

1. Gansta Wars 6
2. World Mafia Madn 6
3. Mafia Wars 6
4. The Mob Warz 6
5. mafia-justice 6

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