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Criminal Life

Criminal Life

There is no mercy on the streets so expect none here! The world's most deadly criminal's reside here and if you do not have what it takes you will be humbled. A life of crime has many opportunities and possibilities so choose wisely the correct path, be smart, work hard, and show no prisoners and you may succeed at a Criminal Life! Join now or live forever harbouring doubts! Sign Up Now!

Rank: 183
Votes this Week: 17
Votes Today: 1
Votes This Month: 34
Total Votes: 3612
Added: 07/02/2008 4:33
Updated: 07/02/2008 4:33
Genre: RPG
Platform: All
Client: Browser
Multiplayer: Yes
Prizes: No
Graphics: Text
Time: None
Stage: Released (Open to all)
this game is
No News
Keywords: Mafia, Criminal, Life, Gangster, Free
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1. Lords 5
2. World of Ruins 5
3. MobsterLords 4
4. HC Mafia 4
5. street-vengeance 4

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