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WiseGuys, A group established in 1931 by the top 2 Dons in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Don Marcelo and Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni was made the Capo de tutti capi, which left a lot of the other families with bitter feelings, Especially Don Marcelo. The old system had led to a number of costly family wars, and, in the aftermath of the Castellammarese War, Marcelo came to the realization that some structure was needed for the various mob families to settle their differences without bloodshed, thus benefiting the business interests of all and allowing the mob to stay out of the public eye, This was the beginning of the WiseGuys. The idea of this was a sort of council that would oversee all mafia activities in the US and serve to mediate conflicts between families. Naturally, the savvy Giovanni assumed the position of Capo de tutti capi. Marcelo served as Giovanni's Right Hand Man. The Dons of all families would meet every 6 months or when needed. The formation of WiseGuys did not stop the gang wars from taking place, many families began to become greedy and started to bend the rules of the chiefs. Don Giovanni was later shot dead whilst driving through New York and although the police and everyone associated with the mafia knew that Don Marcelo was involved, no evidence was found. This marked the end of the WiseGuys and America became divided between the families once again. 7 family bosses were shot down on November 13 th 1937, all were major forces in the narcotics business with the only main Don left remaining, Don Marcelo who apparently fled to his roots in Sicily with his family taking control of the whole of New York and New Jersey. He was reported dead 3month later, with the majority of families disbanding due to the death poll, there were only the soldiers left to pick up and revive the mafia. Now it has been left as this.